Welcome to kjamistan

Hi there!

I'm Katharine Jarmul, and I run a data analysis company called kjamistan.

  • We do data:
    kjamistan specializes in helping companies analyze data and training others on data analysis best practices (particularly with Python, the open-source programming language). I have been using Python for 8 years for a variety of data work -- including telling stories at major national newspapers, building large scale aggregation software, making decisions based on customer analytics and marketing spend and advising new ventures on the competitive landscape.

  • Independent but integrated work:
    When I decided to form Kjamistan, I was looking to spread my knowledge beyond just the next company that hired me. I enjoy meeting and working with new teams, and have been able to work with other data scientists as well as with companies who are just starting and don't have the budget or time to hire a full data team. I've also built proof-of-concept tools and products -- prototypes which are later integrated into products or services.

  • Speaking & Teaching:
    Aside from my work, I enjoy teaching and speaking at conferences. I've been lucky enough to speak at EuroPython and PyCon, among many other conferences in the United States and Europe. I enjoy helping teach others how to do effective data analysis and host some of my own classes on those topics. If you are interested in a course for yourself or your team, please reach out! I have also built some online video courses for O'Reilly Media including Data Wrangling and Analysis with Python (an introduction to Pandas) and Data Pipelines with Python (an overview of workflow tools in Python).

  • Data Analysis Writing & Research:
    Finally, I love to write. Maybe it's the journalist in me coming out, but I find it to be a great way to share data, ideas and experience with others. I try and keep my blog updated with my latest thoughts and studies, but I also sometimes blog for other websites or write books. My first O'Reilly book "Data Wrangling with Python", which I co-authored with a fellow Washington Post coworker, helps introduce newcomers to Python and data analysis.

  • Contact Us:
    Want to know more about what I'm working on? Say hi? Want to hire me or collaborate? Interested in learning more about your company's competitive landscape? Feel free to drop me an email or reach out on Twitter (@kjam). I hope to chat with you soon and thanks for dropping by!


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