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Kjamistan was founded by Katharine Jarmul in 2013, when she began helping several companies employ data science extraction and modeling in marketing deparments. She saw a need for data science advice grounded in years of product development and customer analysis.

Since that time, Kjamistan has worked with large and small companies on data science needs. Our work includes training and advising a new data science team, proof-of-concept development for a new product or idea, data extraction and analysis for a specific team or purpose, model development and training for a new problem area and testing of data science code, pipelines and models.

Katharine Jarmul has been working with computers and code since her early years, and is passionate about spreading knowledge on tools used in the open source community. She works with Python daily since 2008 and has a background in C++ and Java. Her exposure to board activities and funding at several start ups gives her a business-minded approach to technical problem solving -- introducing practical solutions and keeping business-interests first.

Satisfied Customers


We worked with Katharine on an early data-pipeline prototype using both existing and custom natural language processing models to parse French and English texts. Katharine was of tremendous help getting the thing up and running, having a deep understanding of the state of the art and how to improve it. We went from 0 to running prototype in a few months, and we would never been able to achieve it without her skills and knowledge.

Romain Dorgueil, Technology Manager at L'Atelier (BNP Paribas)

Katharine is an inspiring and energetic engineer. Quick to understand business needs, she can act as product owner and business sparring partner to make sure you're aligned and focused. Her wealth of python experience and coaching style made her a popular member of the Marketing Engineering team, and allowed the small team to deliver outstanding results on a mission critical project.

Andy Wilson, Director of Marketing, GetYourGuide

We worked with Katharine on a data-scraping project. Katharine was quick to understand and apply her own ideas to the business need and even quicker to deliver very tangible and high quality results. We found working with Katharine to be very pleasant and engaging - and would not hesitate to use her services again!

Rasmus Wolff, Founder & CEO, HUNGR

Want to join the team?

We are currently looking for longer-term contracting roles. Interested in working with us? Drop a line with your passions, interests and work experience.