Kjamistan: Technical Data Privacy Consulting

Privacy Engineering Consulting

Interested to learn about how to build future-proof systems, with a focus on guaranteeing privacy and security for your customers? Want to know how privacy can become a competitive advantage at your organization? Curious about sharing data in newer, more secure and more private ways?

Privacy Consulting for Modern Data Strategy and Platforms

Depending on your problem and schedule, we'll work with you to build a team that fits your needs. This can range from workshop-led vision sessions to implementations of privacy technology in production systems, and many possibilities in-between.

If you are interested to how data privacy and technical privacy engineering can build you safer data sharing, better customer relationships and easier use of sensitive data, due to better platforms and systems to ensure privacy and security, please feel free to reach out to schedule a conversation.

Want to explore how we can help you? Reach out via email or our contact form.

Our Engagement Model

Currently, Katharine requires a 10-day minimum for consulting engagements, with a day rate of 1.800 Euros. Should you need a wider team, Katharine can help build that team out of her network of strategy, data science, privacy and encryption experts.

If you are a non-profit or community-run organization, please reach out for special rates.

If you have a quick question or want an hour-long or by-the-hour review of your plan, architecture or approach, the hourly rate starts at 500 EUR and is flexible if you'd like to pre-buy multiple hours.

Example Projects

  • LLM-Risk and Opportunity Evaluation
  • Data Risk Assessment for Machine Learning on Sensitive Data
  • Penetration Testing for Machine Learning (Privacy Attacks)
  • Privacy-First Data Strategy
  • Analyzing and improving architectures for privacy and security
  • Differential Privacy in Data Science and Machine Learning

Our Reviews

We worked with Katharine on an early data-pipeline prototype using both existing and custom natural language processing models to parse French and English texts. Katharine was of tremendous help getting the thing up and running, having a deep understanding of the state of the art and how to improve it. We went from 0 to running prototype in a few months, and we would have never been able to achieve it without her skills and knowledge.

Romain Dorgueil, Technology Manager at L'Atelier