kjamistan: Consulting

Data Science Advising, Data Privacy Auditing and Prototype Design

Our focus is on solving problems and getting data-driven answers to your business needs. Need to identify performance issues in your data ingestion pipeline or build a new proof of concept for tagging trends in your competitive space or perform a data risk assessment to understand privacy and security issues in your current practices? We can help.

How Does it Work?

You may have already defined your challenge but you need help implementing the solution. Or you may have important business goals and you know data is essential to reach them. We begin research by focusing on your needs and vision. Once we establish potential solutions, we create a design document and proposal for your review. Then we can either only advise or also help you implement the chosen solution.

IIf you have a technical and data science team, or a data privacy officer, we will work closely with them on both the design and planning.

Once you’ve approved a final proposal, we will begin the project with research. You will be updated at each stage; with full review and clarification on the progress.

If the project is a proof of concept or an internal tool, the prototype launch or final report or prototype launch will include your team and we will provide a full presentation regarding the capabilities and results. If it is a report or assessment, you will have time to review and ask questions before we deliver the completed version.

Want to explore how we can help you? Reach out via email or our contact form.

Example Projects

  • Data Processing Impact Assessment and Recommendations
  • Algorithm Impact Assessment and Recommendations
  • Data Risk Assessment for Machine Learning on Sensitive Data
  • Penetration Testing for Machine Learning (Adversarial Attacks)
  • Building a Natural Language Processing Pipeline
  • Analyzing data extraction methods and performance issues in a data pipeline
  • Identifying data processing errors and implementing validation solutions

Data Processing Impact Assessment

A data processing impact assessment is a required document for companies working with sensitive data under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have provided this assessment for several companies and are happy to help you assess the privacy needs of your data processing. The process entails:

  • Initial conversation to determine impact and extent of processing
  • Two longer interviews for assessment
  • A final report with practical, technically-oriented steps to address any discovered risks
  • Questions, answers and updates to the report as required by the team over a six-month period of time

Usually, the entire reporting process takes about 4-5 weeks and costs 2.500 EUR. If you would like to engage with Kjamistan on developing your data processing impact assessment, please reach out via email or our contact form.

Our Reviews

We worked with Katharine on an early data-pipeline prototype using both existing and custom natural language processing models to parse French and English texts. Katharine was of tremendous help getting the thing up and running, having a deep understanding of the state of the art and how to improve it. We went from 0 to running prototype in a few months, and we would have never been able to achieve it without her skills and knowledge.

Romain Dorgueil, Technology Manager at L'Atelier