kjamistan: Training

Data Privacy, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Cleaning, Validation and Testing

We offer corporate and community training covering courses on a variety of topics - from introductory to advanced. Katharine Jarmul is a published O'Reilly author (Data Wrangling with Python) and has also created several video courses for O'Reilly and DataCamp on topics such as: Security for Machine Learning, Protecting Data Privacy in a Machine Learning World, Data Analysis with Python, Building Data Pipelines with Python, NLP Fundamentals with Python and Practical Data Cleaning 101.

Katharine Jarmul is a Lecturer at the University of Florida graduate Audience Analytics program, where she teaches Data Mining and Analysis and Introduction to Programming with Data.

Corporate Training

Do you have a data science, data engineering or business intelligence team who wants to learn about the latest methods in the field? We can help! We build custom courses so they can learn exactly what they want at a pace that works for the team. Course training topics include:

  • Data Privacy for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Security Engineering for Data Science
  • Data Pipeline Engineering
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Data Testing and Validation
  • Data Workflow Automation
  • Python Best Practices

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