kjamistan: Data Privacy Workshops and Training

Want to learn about privacy engineering, privacy technologies or machine learning/AI?

We offer workshops aimed at several audiences built from years of experience teaching these technical topics to varied groups. These workshops will help build a common understanding and motivation for your team to explore privacy technoligies, build privacy engineering into normal software and data workflows, understand the ramifications of certain designs on privacy and explore privacy risk in machine learning.

If you would like a custom workshop based on your own needs, please reach out to determine the feasibility and cost.

Current Workshop Engagement Model

We have built out several workshops aimed at a variety of audiences (see below for current list). The workshops are 2-day, 3-day and 5-day offerings. The cost per day is 2.500 for in-person engagements and 2.000 for online engagements, with a maximum attendee size of 10. For additional seats, please contact us to work out specific pricing.

We will be updating a public-facing workshop schedule in 2024, so stay tuned! If you are a company and would like to sponsor or host a pubic-facing workshop, please get in touch.

Our Workshops

  • Privacy Technologies for Lawyers: An introduction to privacy technologies for the legal community
  • Privacy Risk in Machine Learning and Data Science: An interactive walk-through of privacy risks in ML/AI and data systems
  • A Hands-on Walk-Through of Practical Data Privacy (the book)
  • Privacy Engineering for Software and Data Engineers: Building privacy into workflows and architectures
  • Developing a Privacy-First Strategy: Privacy as a core business proposition