kjamistan: Speaking

Technical, Business-Minded, Engaging

Katharine Jarmul gives technical talks ranging from those for the business audience to an audience of software engineers or machine learning practitioners. Her engaging style and practical approach make topics like privacy and ethics in machine learning and performance-driven pipeline design palatable to more than just the area experts in the room. For each talk, she prepares individual research and tailoring.

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Recent Speaking Highlights

Keynote at QCon.AI: Privacy: The Last Stand for Fair Algorithms (Revisited) (2019)

Podcast Interview: Ethical Machine Learning on InfoQ Podcast (2019)

Strangeloop: Privacy: The Last Stand for Fair Algorithms (2018)

34c3: Deep Learning Blindspots (2017)

QCon Sao Paolo: Ethical Machine Learning (2017)

Keynote: Ethical Machine Learning: Creating Fair Models in an Unjust World (2016)

Conference Talk: I Hate You, NLP ;) (an exploration of state-of-the-art Sentiment Analysis) (2016)